Gambling is an exciting spending of free time, as long we are in control and we play for fun. It is more important to spend quality time with our friends than expecting to win high values and should not get in our way with daily activities. Of course , all along with knowledge, where are financial capabilities are.


· to minimaze damage for players, families, friends

· reduce or eliminate hazards associated with ambient, where gambling occures

· to rise up successful against negative psychological conditions (depresion, stress…)

· to offer alternative choices for relaxation needs


· enter a casino with a certain amount of money that you are willing to put into the game with the knowledge that you can also lose it

· do not carry credit cards or other means of payment with you, do not borrow money from others

· take time to rest and think during the game

· play on your financial abilities, let not your family budget suffer because of the game

· if you find yourself to play more often than you would like to, if the game takes away important moments of your life that you could spent otherwise, seek help


· you are gambling to aviod anxiety or responsibility

· gambling to solve your financial problems

· gambling during working hours

· feel guilty after gambling

· try to win back money after loosing it

· the win triggers the impusle in you to play for even more money

· you are borrowing money to gamble

· you play longer than you have planed

· it is difficult to sleep because of gambling

If you find yourselfs in several points, do not hesitate and contact casino staff 24 hours a day with a desire to talk or a request a self-ban on entry.

SELF-BAN ENTRY – written request to express ban on entry to all casinos and gaming salons in Slovenia. You need a valid ID to fill out a form

RESTRICTED ENTRY – you can ask not to enter Casino Bled for a certain period of time. The period can be daily or for more days.

PROHIBITION OF ENTRY – as a concessionare we can prohibit the entry of people if we find that the game is no longer just for fun and we see some changes in the behaviour and mode of the players

If you need further assistance, you can contact the following institutions and/or experts:

Clinic for the treatment of addiction diseases Nova Gorica, tel: +386 5 338 32 65 or 338 33 15.

Casino Bled, Cesta svobode 15, 4260 Bled